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Any COVID-19 AIRR-Seq data?

I wonder if there are any COVID-19 AIRR-Seq data availible?

Some data from BAL samples in individuals with mild versus severe COVID19 disease. scTCR-seq data, pathogen specific data though.

I’m aware of several groups getting B cell data, but I don’t think anything is publicly available yet.

Please let us know if you find any such public data… We are happy to host the AIRR-seq data and its relevant Study/Subject/Sample metadata in an AIRR compliant repository for people to search… We have one sitting ready to go, empty of data 8-(


FYI - AIRR Community statement around sharing of data…

We have created a page to curate papers that have COVID-19 AIRR-seq data (and where to find the data)… All we need now is some data :sunglasses: