3D structures from VDJdb entries

Dear AIRR community,

We have created TCR-pMHC models from VDJdb data and made them available here: https://sysimm.org/immune-scape/vdjdb-models

The models were created using ImmuneScape, a template-based tool to model TCR-pMHC complexes from sequence: https://sysimm.org/immune-scape

TCR models were created by Repertoire Builder, a high-throughput structural modeling tool for B-cell and T-cell receptors: https://sysimm.org/rep_builder/

We provide these models in the hope that they are useful for structure-based function prediction but please note that the service is currently in beta. Feel free to reach out if you notice anything strange or if you would like to know more - either here or via the contact form on our website.

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