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5'RACE TCR Sequencing Protocol - Douek Lab

TCR-Seq v6 protocol.pdf (691.0 KB)

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Link doesn’t seem to be working (for me, at least)?

@melissasmith – thanks for pointing this out. Here’s the latest:

TCR-Seq v6.1 protocol.pdf (659.0 KB)

I re-jiggered how things got stored shortly after Danny posted this, losing the link target. I don’t plan on changing again, though obviously this site isn’t as good as something like figshare for durability.

@ematsen Thanks for the quick response! And this is why a collective protocol database would be great :slight_smile:

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thanks a lot…its really useful to me thanks …

@ddouek has just shared his most recent protocol, which is here: TCR-Seq v6.1 protocol.pdf (1.4 MB)

By the way, I’m happy to maintain a collection of protocols as described here though I can’t say that I got an avalanche of enthusiasm. In the meantime people can just post them in the #protocols category.