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B-cell repertoire response to vaccine

Congrats to @jgalson on an interesting new paper!


My favorite part of this paper:

Enriching vaccine-specific clusters from the total repertoire. a The number of clusters from the total repertoire which were annotated by the four vaccine-enriched sequence datasets. b The percentage of abundant (>0.01 % of total repertoire) clusters at each visit that were characterized as vaccine-specific based on being annotated by at least two of the vaccine-enriched datasets. c Same as b but corrected for cluster size by considering the percentage of the repertoire comprising the vaccine-specific clusters. For b and c, mean values ± SEM are shown for all nine participants and p values were obtained from two-sided Mann–Whitney U tests. d Correlation (Spearman) between the percentage of abundant clusters characterized as vaccine-specific and PC numbers determined by ELISpot. Different colored points represent samples from the different participants. e Same as d but correlated with memory cell numbers determined by ELISpot. For d and e, samples where no cells were detected by ELISpot have been omitted

… we can make progress on understanding the (finite) set of ways to respond to a vaccine!