Could your lab test Mouse VH spike-ins for the Biological Standards working group?


Hi all,

The Biological Standards working group is looking for labs to test our Mouse VH RNA spike-ins in their workflows. These spike-ins were developed by Sai Reddy (he presented on them at the AIRR meeting last year). We are now working with NIST to perform a multi lab study on the performance of the spike-ins but need more participants.

Would your lab be able to participate?

If so, please let me know and we can provide more details.




You can mail me (my forum name at gmail) with a brief description of your spike-ins and I’ll forward you to persons from Genomics of Adaptive Immunity lab (Prof Chudakov group) who are currently doing lots of repertoire sequencing in mice. I can’t promise anything but I think they’ll be interested in this.

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