Database or dataset for influenza-specific antibodies

I am currently performing sequence analysis on RA-derived monoclonal antibodies, which are highly mutated. I am in search of a disease control featuring highly mutated antibodies, and thought that influenza may be good.

Does anyone know of any publicly available databases or datasets containing influenza-specific monoclonal antibody sequences?

Any comments or insights would be greatly appreciated.

For influenza you might want to contact Patrick C. Wilson (U Chicago). His group has generated substantial amounts of both single-cell and bulk sequences, but I am not sure whether they are deposited anywhere in an easily accessible manner.

In case you also would consider other repetitive infectious diseases, I could provide you with data from Malaria patients.

Thank you for your reply. It would be great to have some malaria Ig sequences if possible, the more the merry. Perhaps we can discuss in more detail via email?

I would probably start the search with these two papers:

Jackson, K. J. L., Liu, Y., Roskin, K. M., Glanville, J., Hoh, R. a, Seo, K., … Boyd, S. D. (2014). Human Responses to Influenza Vaccination Show Seroconversion Signatures and Convergent Antibody Rearrangements. Cell Host & Microbe, 105–114.

Moody, M. A., Zhang, R., Walter, E. B., Woods, C. W., Ginsburg, G. S., McClain, M. T., … Haynes, B. F. (2011). H3N2 influenza infection elicits more cross-reactive and less clonally expanded anti-hemagglutinin antibodies than influenza vaccination. PLoS ONE, 6(10).

I don’t see the mAbs sequences in the data repo or supplemental materials, but I didn’t look very hard.

(Paging @kjlj)

There should be a lot of heavily mutated Ig seqs in multiple HIV studies.
A lot of that work is paid for by NIH so the data should be available.
also Inaki Sanz has done some very nice work with SLE if you want another dataset to compare chronic autoimmune Abs with those of chronic (viral) infections.

Thank you all for your help. I have plenty of options to explore now.