Datasets with VL/VH pairs

I am currently working with some humanized rat BCR data where we have both high quality VL and VH sequences, furthermore we can pair these sequences together with some wet lab tricks, including multiplex PCR to stitch together the two chains, but also more trusted sequences from FACS sorted cells isolated in single wells.

Being new to Rep-Seq I was wondering if there are other datasets with VL/VH pairs out there for public use which I can use to try out our methods on? I addition some of the data I am working with can be shared if anybody are interested.

This paper has some associated data sets:

DeKosky, Brandon J., Gregory C. Ippolito, Ryan P. Deschner, Jason J. Lavinder, Yariv Wine, Brandon M. Rawlings, Navin Varadarajan, et al. 2013. “High-Throughput Sequencing of the Paired Human Immunoglobulin Heavy and Light Chain Repertoire.” Nature Biotechnology 31 (2): 166–69. doi:10.1038/nbt.2492.

We generated a tool to analyse VH/VL pairs a while a go (not yet for rat sequences but could be added in wanted)