Immcantation Docker/Singularity Container


We recently finalized automated docker container builds for our Immcantation framework of software tools, which also includes a collection of canned pipelines, accessory scripts, and third party applications like IgBLAST. We’ve been using Singularity to run the container in our cluster environment, so we put some working into making sure the images hosted on docker hub import painlessly into Singularity.

There’s a lot built into the image, so I won’t list it all. Details can be found in the documentation.

The images can be found on docker hub at kleinstein/immcantation with tags denoting the meta-version of the image. For example, kleinstein/immcantation:1.2.0 is official release version 1.2.0 and kleinstein/immcantation:devel is whatever code is current in the various repositories the build pulls from.

Dockerfiles can be found in the docker directory of the Immcantation bitbucket repository.

Finally, thanks to @w.lees whose previous work helped us get IgBLAST setup properly within the container.

A Container for Repertoire Sequence Parsers