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Is there any paper about sequence full-length TCR, not just CDR3

is there any paper about sequenc full-length TCR, not just CDR3??? i have tried one day , but i found nothing …thanks

aha i have found one Tumor-infiltrating immune repertoires captured by single-cell barcoding in emulsion

Are you looking for data sets or experimental protocols? In the latter case, what about the Dash et al. or Mamedov et al. papers from the protocol list?

thank you so much …i will check

I’m not sure if you’re still looking, but in my old lab I uploaded a fair few longer read TCR sequences to SRA. It’s not full length, but it’s a couple of hundred bp read from the constant region following 5’RACE, so it gives a fair bit of V context well beyond the edge of the CDR3.

I’m curious, what was the TIL emulsion paper you found?