Looking for BCR-seq data from HBV+ patients


we are interested in trying to characterize the features of BCR repertoires in patients infected with viruses that are able to generate high viral loads (e.g. HBV)

Thus-far no luck in finding BCR-seq data from HBV+ patients.

Is anybody aware of/has such dataset and would like to collaborate?


Hi there,

Are you looking for BCR-seq data from patients with Hepatitis B?

If so, we have this study available in the AIRR Data Commons. It’s a case-control study and they sequenced the IGH locus. There are 61,134,237 sequences from 28 repertoires.

You can access it via the iReceptor Gateway: https://gateway.ireceptor.org/samples?query_id=42629


Thank you, this is what I was looking for!

I will check it out