MIXCR installation manually


I used to use brew to install and update mixcr but found the update is slower than install manually. so I tried to install manually by following command,

wget https://github.com/milaboratory/mixcr/releases/download/v2.1/mixcr-2.1.zip
unzip mixcr-2.1.zip
cd mixcr-2.1
mixcr -v

but "mixcr"command is not working.

I want to know if once you used brew you can not switch to manual installation?




  ./mixcr -v

if you have ‘mixcr’ in your path. you might get the old one. (cmd: which mixcr)

I usually use the absolute path to avoid this kind of problem.

PS: it is better to ask the question specific to mixcr at https://github.com/milaboratory/mixcr/issues?


./mixcr -v works fine. But still, newer version mixcr command dose not work. It seems uses previous version mixcr and if I delete the previous folder, the mixcr command dosent work any more.


oh, I think I should add ./ before all the script name. I will try this. Thanks.


use the absolute path.

path/to/mixcr/folder/mixcr -v