Openness and Reproducibility according to Science


A lot of what’s in these papers overlaps with AIRR goals:

Though “open access” isn’t apparently a goal of the first paper:


The detailed guidelines discussed in the first article (with restricted access) can also be found on

I think that this approach provides a rather journal-centric point of view, but regardless of that it is good that this topic gets more attention. It will be interesting to see whether TOP can come up with a viable strategy to reconcile open access and protection of intellectual property (IP) as this has recently been one of the bigger issues for the AIRR common repository.


Transparency, openness, and reproducibility are readily recognized as vital features of science…

Slightly ironic when readers are meet by a paywall. Contrary to Science, I do believe that pre-publishing archives and open access articles are important tools for addressing the openness of science. Most of us receive public funding, hence I think it is entirely appropriate to require publishing somewhere visible to the public.