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PIRD: Pan immune repertoire database

The adaptive immunity is highly specific and mainly comprised of humoral immunity, mediated by antibodies produced by B lymphocytes, and cell-mediated immunity,mediated by T lymphocytes,The huge variety of T and B cell receptor (TCR and BCR) repertoire is vital in directly binding to various auto-and-external antigens. This repertoire is a critical resource for a clear understanding of the immune response and highlights its utility in clinical applications. In recent years, even thousands of samples have been captured for studying TCR and BCR repertoire using sequencing platforms, very few databases have been constructed to store these sequences. To resolve this issue, we have developed a database Pan immune repertoire database (PIRD), located the infrastructure of in China National GeneBank (CNGB) to collect and store the annotated TCR and BCR sequencing data, including Homo sapiens and other species. Except for the primary data storage, PIRD also provides the data visualization function in addition to the interactive online analysis. Additionally, a manually curated database of T and B-cell receptors targeting known antigens (TBAdb) are also deposited in PIRD. The database is displayed in both English and Chinese on the PIRD website. PIRD can be accessed at https://db.cngb.org/.

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A more specific link is https://db.cngb.org/pird/