Post-doctoral fellowship at FDA

A great opportunity for post-doctoral fellowship in the FDA
Come learn and collaborate in a highly translational and multidisciplinary laboratory in the FDA.

The position will focus on studying the immunogenicity of AAV vectors in gene therapy in mice models.
We develop technologies to help evaluate and mitigate the adaptive immunogenicity of AAV vectors in gene therapy.
We use techniques such as: humoral and cellular immunological assays, FACS, AAV production and quantification, cloning, mutagenesis, and screening techniques.

Experience in molecular biology OR immunology is required.
This is a training position. No option for H1B visa in this position.
The position is only open for US citizens, permanent residents (Green Card holders) or individuals residing in US for at least 3 years in past 5 years on a valid US visa.

Please contact Dr. Mazor if you have any questions and to apply,
Ronit Mazor, Ph.D
Principal investigator, Gene Transfer and Immunogenicity Branch