Principal Scientist Position @ Roche SF Bay Area

We are looking for a new group member who shares our vision and has advanced skill sets relevant to NGS, genomics, immunity and bioinformatics. We work at the forefront of Research and Early Development as well as in Translational Research to incorporate the latest technology advances into new sequencing assays and applications.

We are a high-performing and passionate group of scientists working on exciting but challenging tasks in the adaptive immune repertoire profiling domain applying NGS technology and advanced bioinformatics —if you identify with these skills and traits then this is the opportunity for you.

Our main project areas include:

(1) Design of new NGS library preparation and target enrichment workflows for immune receptor repertoire related methods to be applied in various diseases areas, e.g. oncology, autoimmunity and infectious diseases.

(2) Developing new methods and workflows for clinical applications

(3) Translational research applying innovative molecular biology methods and bioinformatics addressing unmet clinical needs.