Researcher in bioinformatics and immunogenomics, University of Oslo

A position as Researcher available at Department of Biosciences in bioinformatics and immunogenomics. (PhD, but no postdoctoral experience required)

The position is for a period of 3 years. Starting date no later than 1.10.2021.

The position is funded by the RCN project VACSACOD, which aims to understand immune responses in Atlantic cod and is part of the UiO Convergence Environment COMPARE. COMPARE is an interdisciplinary comparative immunology research environment where immunologists, evolutionary biologists, population biologists and bioinformaticians work together.

While the adaptive immune system encompassing B cells, T cells and MHC class I and class II loci is shared among all jawed vertebrates, Atlantic cod and other codfishes specifically lost MHC class II molecules and CD4+ T cells approximately 100 mya. In other vertebrates (including most other fishes), the MHC II – CD4 axis is required for strong antibody responses and vaccine efficacy, and it is yet unresolved how Atlantic cod develops specific immunity.

The VACSACOD project employs single-cell transcriptomics of immune cells and other cutting-edge technology within molecular biology, modern high-throughput sequencing and bioinformatics. A major focus for the current position will be antigen receptor profiling of Atlantic cod B cells and T cells, BCR and TCR, respectively. Antigen receptor profiling is made possible by high-throughput, massively parallel DNA sequencing and will be used to characterize the immune repertoire and study the immune response to antigens and vaccines. The candidate will participate in design of experiments and build pipelines for bioinformatic analyses for high-throughput immune receptor analysis in Atlantic cod. The candidate will work closely with wet-lab scientists and it will be possible to do some wet-lab work although the emphasis will be on bioinformatic work.

We seek a candidate that enjoys collaborating with others, but is also able to work independently.

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