Software/Database Programmer - Computational Immunology


The Kleinstein Lab ( is seeking a highly motivated software/database programmer. Work in a highly dynamic team environment to develop, integrate and oversee data collection interfaces and management systems, as well as bioinformatics analysis software. These systems support a diverse array of human immune profiling studies in collaboration with computational, laboratory and clinical investigators. Responsibilities include: (1) helping to maintain our widely-used Immcantation tool suite (, which provides a start-to-finish analytical ecosystem for high-throughput B cell receptor repertoire analysis, as well as other in-house software pipelines for analysis of large-scale genomic data sets; (2) communicating with labs for quality data collection, and implementation of efficient database systems for data storage and data sharing; (3) submitting demographic and genomic data (gene expression, flow cytometry, NGS, etc) to NIH-funded database, such as ImmPort, GEO, SRA, GenBank, etc. Application of bioinformatics/statistical methods in support of research projects is also a possibility depending upon experience.

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