System immunology post docs and graduate students needed


Several Graduate student and Post doc positions are open in the System (Immuno)biology (SIMlab) at University of Haifa

In the lab we study how simple events at the molecular and cellular level of immune cell and pathogen interactions, lead to emergent phenomena of immune specificity and function in health and disease. We do this through the use of cutting edge systems biology and simulation techniques and by close collaboration with experimental laboratories. This close collaboration ensures that our research fits directly within reciprocal cycles of experiment, analysis, modeling and further experimental study. This, in turn, enables us to quickly move from basic (systems) biology questions to concrete biomedical findings.

We are looking for people with computational background who would like to think about biology.

The main research avenues in the lab are -

(1) How is a repertoire different than the sum of its parts: The B cell repertoire in health and disease:

Sequence level analysis of whole immune repertoires in health and in response to disease.

(2) What is the type and importance of specific time course of molecular processes (Transcription and signaling)

Analysis of temporal processes related to the single cell level of the immune response.

(3) How is complexity of interaction a key component of living systems and their evolution?

Modeling and analysis of complex biological systems in the context of their environment

To apply please send a CV and publication list preferably by January 1st as well as a one page statement of research interests to

more information about the lab can be found at