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TCRex: a webtool for the prediction of T-cell receptor sequence epitope specificity

This manuscript is slim. It looks like each possible epitope has its own random forest trained.

Full abstract:

Identification of T-cell receptor (TCR) repertoire epitope targets constitutes an important part of many TCR repertoire studies. To date, we are still relying on time consuming epitope binding experiments for the identification of epitope-specific TCR sequences. Recently, we showed that the prediction of epitope-TCR interaction is possible using a random forest model. We implemented this method in a webtool called TCRex. TCRex is the first tool that enables the prediction of TCR-epitope recognition. It allows users to upload TCR sequences and predict interaction with multiple known cancer or viral epitopes or train new prediction models for new epitopes. TCRex is freely available for academic use at tcrex.biodatamining.be

Yes, each epitope has its own random forest.

The real methods development and benchmarking (for two HIV epitopes) is done in

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