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The Open Germline Receptor Database (OGRDB) is now in NAR

I’m happy to report that this paper just came out in Nucleic Acids Research:

Here is @w.lees’ description:

A key aim of the Community is to ensure that high-quality lists of IG and TR germline receptor genes are available to researchers. Accurate lists are essential if a receptor repertoire is to be correctly annotated and analysed. Until recently, these genes have been discovered through laborious low-throughput methods that necessarily focus on a small number of human and animal subjects. Tools and methods now exist for their discovery from receptor repertoires, opening up the possiblity of much wider and more comprehensive analysis of human populations and animal sub-species. In this paper we describe OGRDB, a website that allows researchers to submit novel alleles for review, supports the review process, and publishes those alleles that have been affirmed by the Community.

On the website, we also publish an analysis tool that can be used in conjunction with inference tools such as TIgGER, IgDiscover, partis and IMPre to understand and improve the annotation of an immune repertoire (see Figure). We encourage researchers who use such methods to submit novel alleles to OGRDB for consideration.

Have a look at https://ogrdb.airr-community.org/ .

Congratulations to @w.lees and the rest of the team for executing this important and difficult task!

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