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Updated SHM targeting model paper

A new paper from the @steven.kleinstein group:

Despite the title, the paper considers mutation patterns in human as well.

This was my favorite part: how to stimulate a large number of non-functional sequences:


Cool facts. I didn’t even know that there is a preference for using kappa before lambda. However I wonder how well it has been proven that none of the kappa genes can be a founder of a GC and get maturated in the NP-immunized B1-8 mouse? The Nussenzweig paper which is referred to just seems to take it for granted. All I could find is a paper from 1978 by M. Reth, G.J. Hammerling and K. Rajewsky titled Analysis of the repertoire of anti-NP antibodies in C57BL/6 mice by cell fusion. This is not very high throughput so I imagine that there could easily slip some kappa chains though?

My favourite part is this one:

Overall, these results suggest the SHM targeting mechanism is highly conserved at the functional and nonfunctional loci in both the human and the mouse systems.

Well, they do see 20% in-frame kappa sequences, and suggest:

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