VH1-69 somatic mutations

Is there a resource to see how common certain somatic mutations are? I’m specifically interested in whether the glycine insertion (bolded) in the FR2 region of the VH1-69 sequence below is rare:


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Leslie, I think you’ll be interested in this paper

which has some supplemental data up on Figshare that would seem to be exactly what you are looking for. @shengzizhang and @caschramm can provide more detail.

Thanks so much, Eric. This is indeed what I am looking for!

@shengzizhang @caschramm have you or anyone else done a similar analysis on indels?

Hi Leslie,

We haven’t done on indels, but I recall there is a paper on indel but do not remember the title. We now collected a database of antibody repertoires, we can analyze that.

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@Leslie We published some data on insertions and deletions that included also those found in IGHV1-69 (see Supplementary Figure 5). Although insertions were not uncommon they were pretty rare in the loop region you mention. The analysis is to be found in the supplement to https://doi.org/10.3389/fimmu.2017.01433.

Thanks for the reference @mats.ohlin