What to name the new germline database?

As we are starting to write code and test things out, it raises the question: what do we want to name this new database?

@bussec and I had thrown around the idea of OGRDB, for Open Germline Receptor DB, which would be fun, though perhaps too silly (“ogre”) for the likes of @ctwatson or @a.collins?


May I suggest Antigen Receptor Germline Sequence Database (argsDB)? Germline receptor sounds somewhat vague

You could also translate it as “Open Germline Repertoire DB”, but I agree that also this does not specify that we are talking about Ig/TCR. The assumption was that the database would primarily be referred to by its acronym, meaning that we could be a bit more creative with the full name. And “open adaptive immune receptor germline segment database” did not really produce nice acronyms…

I think it would be useful/appropriate to have AIRR in the name. Something like “The AIRR GermDB” isn’t particularly clever or melodic, but it is succinct, easy to remember, and appropriately descriptive.

I’m OK with silly.

But I think @caschramm raises a good point. Are we representing “AIRR” here? If so, perhaps it should be included. However, with this in mind, I guess we shoudl consider whether AIRR is eternal. If it is not, do we want it always associated with this DB effort, which of course will be eternal? :slight_smile:

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I’m also OK with silly! Setting aside the AIRR issue, and the value of ‘open’, we could expand on Mikhail’s suggestion to produce largesDB. Lymphocyte Antigen Receptor GErmline Sequence database. Can we find a T word?

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