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Where do you synthize 5'RACE adaptor with UMI in US?

We are trying to include UMI technics in our 5’RACE methods and want to know where do other labs normally buy the oligos from? IDT can do this?

Yes, IDT can synthesize oligos for 5’RACE. Order as “custom RNA oligos”. RNA bases should be written with a lower case “r” in front of them. If your oligo contains deoxyuridine, use “/ideoxyU/”. For example, the oligo that I ordered was:


(from Turchaninova et al., Nature Protocols 2016)

Also, make sure you select RNase-Free HPLC Purification (available at >=100 nmole scale).


BTW, can I know what the optimized library loading concentration for miseq? We use 14pm and seems it’s too high. Overclustered.