Would a hackathon be a productive way to have a "meeting" around repertoire tools and resources?

I wonder if it would be productive to have a hackathon to work together towards a common goal. For example, I could imagine working together to build a community germline database and appropriate software tools, such as an API. We could also have short talks to break up the coding.

@dooley pointed out that Mozilla is good at organizing open meeting-like events, and you can see some of the material they have put together at http://mozillascience.github.io/working-open-workshop/ .

This could be organized as an informal satellite event before or after a conference. As a concrete proposal, for example, perhaps there is a critical mass of people coming to the Immune Profiling in Health and Disease conference in Seattle in October? Or perhaps one of the Keystone conferences next Spring? Remote participation to the hackathon would be encouraged.

Anyone keen?

I can’t really commit to travel right now (and the Immune Profiling meeting is over Rosh Hashanah, anyway), but I like the idea and would at least try to participate remotely.

I think this is a great idea. I don’t have a big budget for meetings but would certainly try to participate remotely.

Great idea! I likely wouldn’t make it (physically) for the October date, but winter or spring '17 should work. Which of the Keystone meetings were you thinking about: E1 (Modeling Viral Infections & Immunity, May, CO) or D2 (B Cells and TFH, April, BC)?