Open Positions

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Joint Oslo/UCSD PhD Position in Computational Immunology (2)
Computational Immunologist position at 10x Genomics (1)
Postdoctoral Research Fellow in informatics and immunology (1)
Repertoire studies opportunities at Vanderbilt (1)
Postdoc Position in Computational Immunology (1)
PhD Position in Computational Immunology (1)
Open Scientist and RA positions at 10x Genomics! (1)
Software/Database Programmer - Computational Immunology (1)
Postdoctoral position in Computational Immunology (1)
Postdoctoral position in Structural Bioinformatics at Oxford (1)
Bioinformatician & Front-End Developer, Kymab Ltd, Cambridge, UK (1)
PhD student position in "Functional implications of affinity maturation for the ontogeny and evolution of B cell lymphomas through combined NGS immunogenetics and 3D analysis" (1)
Postdoctoral position to learn about antibody development during HIV superinfection (2)
Recruiting computational immunologist in growing startup (1)
Research Scientist for US Army vaccine research, Frederick MD (1)
Recruiting senior computational biologists in innovative startup (1)
Postdoctoral Positions, Computational and Experimental Systems Immunology, University of Oslo (1)
Post-doctoral position - Oxford Vaccine Group, University of Oxford - BCR-repertoire / vaccines (1)
Recruiting PhD student for Ig repertoire analysis (1)
Computational postdoc in immunology & evolution at the University of Chicago (1)
Postdoctoral Positions, Boyd Lab, Stanford University (1)
Postdoc Bioinformatics and Systems Immunology : Sydney, Australia (1)
Postdoctoral Associate Position at Yale in Computational Methods/Analysis for Rep-Seq (1)
Open faculty position at Fred Hutch in Computational Biology (1)
Postdoc in antibody repertoire and structure, London UK (1)
Postdoc in vaccine design (1)
Fellowship opportunities (1)